Stretching & Strengthening:  2 keys to your long-term success



When joints aren’t functioning properly, the surrounding muscles will harden and spasm in an attempt to stabilize your injury.  Many times, these muscles spams are more painful then the actual mechanical deficiency!  Once your mechanical condition begins to improve, we will most likely prescribe a series of stretching exercises designed to lengthen these contracted muscles, thus restoring proper function.  Every patient’s stretching routine is different.  We prescribe our exercises according to your condition.  We’ll show you how to do these at home and check up on your progress in our office.


With long-term spasm, muscles will eventually become weak and unable to support your spine.  Regaining your strength is critical to your success.  We do this by strengthening your spinal stabilizer muscles and your core with very simple exercises tailored to your condition.  We’ll even show you how to exercise with no equipment at home.  After stretching and strengthening, most patients notice a decrease in their pain, and an increase in strength, stability, and balance.

This is a key element in decreasing the likelihood of a re-occurrence!