We understand seeing a new doctor can be stressful.  Let us take away your anxiety by telling you exactly what you’ll experience as part of our practice family!

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Step 1

The Reception Area

  • Upon entering our office, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly staff members.  To save you time, we recommend downloading your new patient paperwork HERE and completing it in advance.  If you haven’t completed your paperwork before your visit, no problem!  You’re welcome to fill it out in our waiting room.
  • Our staff will help you complete all the required forms and will request any additional info from you or your primary or referring physician (if necessary).
  • If you’d like to submit your treatments to your insurance company, our staff will perform a complimentary benefits check, usually on the same day as your visit.
  • Once you’re ready to begin care, our staff will give you a tour of our office and some of our treatment options before you meet the doctor.

Step 2

Your Examination

  • You and Dr. Carver will discuss your history, condition, and expectations for care before your examination.  Based on your symptoms, he will perform a series of tests to help identify the cause of your problem.  These tests may include orthopedic, chiropractic, neurological, and postural testing.
  • You will remain clothed throughout your examination.
  • Based on the results of the testing, Dr. Carver may require imaging studies to understand the underlying structure of your body.  Typically, this involves digital X-Rays which are performed in our office.
  • If X-Rays are required, Dr. Carver will discuss the cost (if any), that you may be responsible for.
  • Depending on your condition, Dr. Carver may or may not decide to start treatment on the day of your examination.

Step 3

Your Report of Findings

  • Once your examination is complete, Dr. Carver will determine if yours is an appropriate case for our clinic.  If so, he will present you with a complete report including exam findings, diagnosis, and treatment plan.  This usually occurs the day after your initial examination.
  • If any imaging was performed, Dr. Carver will show you your condition and explain his plan to correct it.
  • During this report, Dr. Carver will answer your questions regarding care:  What is your condition?  How did it happen?  What will it take to get well?  How much will it cost?  These are the most common questions our patients have.
  • Our treatment plans are different for each patient.  We design your plan according to your specific condition and promise to recommend the treatments that will get you feeling and functioning better in the shortest amount of time.
  • Once you have an understanding of your condition and what it will take to correct it, you can make the decision on how to proceed.  If you choose to enroll in care at our office, you’ll have a coach who is just as invested in your care as you are!  We are here to help!

Step 4

Your Re-Examination

  • Periodically during your treatment plan, Dr. Carver will objectively evaluate your progress.  Your first re-exam will most likely take place within the first 2 or 3 weeks of care.
  • This is designed to gauge your progress and effectiveness of our treatment plan.
  • Many of the same tests that were performed during your initial examination will be performed again.  Improved range of motion, less pain, and improved function are all signs that your treatments are working!
  • We will use this data to modify your treatment if necessary.  In most cases, we will begin to taper off your treatments as your condition improves.
  • Once your condition is resolved and you’ve met your goals for improvement, you’ll be released from care.
  • After they’ve been released, many patients like to come in periodically for care to decrease the likelihood of a flare-up and because it makes them feel great!  We are happy to help design a maintenance program if you wish.